Austin Kimson

@ Sr. Economist of Macro Trends Group at Bain & Company

Austin Kimson co-founded the Macro Trends Group at Bain and Company, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. The Macro Trends Group is Bain’s center for developing and applying the firm’s views on the integration of global macroeconomics, geopolitical, demographic, social and technological macro trends as they impact the results of our clients.

The Macro Trends Group uses macro insight to empower business leaders to chart courses of action that make macro forces a vehicle for creating extraordinary value, navigating market turbulence, and generating new vectors of competitive advantage.

Austin also serves as Director and Senior Economist for the firm, responsible for the global and regional macroeconomic outlook, and for leading the group’s major IP investments on longer term macro trends.

He works with the firm’s multinational and active investor clients to assess and develop macro strategy, and also speaks at leadership offsites, conferences and forums to share perspectives on major trends and developments in the global economy.